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Dr. Kluth & von Zech

On these pages we would like to introduce the law firm Dr. Kluth & Zech to you. You may have heard of us already – here you will find further information to make it easier for you to get in touch with us.

Dr. Thomas-Sönke Kluth and Martin von Zech founded the law firm in Hamburg in 1998. Today, around a dozen consultants represent both companies and public corporations as well as demanding private clients. We are involved in legal, tax and management consultancy as well as auditing.

Attorney <br /> Dr. Thomas -Sönke Kluth

Dr. Thomas -Sönke Kluth


Attorney Martin <br /> von Zech

Attorney Martin
von Zech


Main practice areas:

What we do?

We enforce our clients’ legitimate claims or defend against unjustified claims – with pronounced expertise in many legal fields:

  • Business Law
  • Inheritance law
  • Cooperative law
  • Company law
  • Real estate law
  • Insolvency law
  • Commercial law
  • Trademark law
  • Tenancy law
  • Tax law
  • Foundation law
  • Traffic law
  • Insurance law
  • Administrative law
  • Competition law
  • Commercial and fiscal criminal law
  • Residential property law

Assert your claims in the best possible way

How we work!

Good advice ensures that problems do not arise in the first place. Where they have arisen, however, we make use of all judicial and extra-judicial possibilities to assert our clients’ claims. We want to know a lot of things very precisely: We get an idea of the business processes of our customers on site.

Clients and deal intensively with issues and contracts in order to examine the strategic options in tax and legal matters. Ultimately, the funds invested should ultimately be in a good ratio to the earnings.

Transparency comes first

What we earn?

What are the costs for our clients? The question is understandable, so we ensure maximum transparency in the run-up to the consultation. We agree with our clients either individual fees or we invoice according to the current fee schedule for lawyers or tax consultants. Good advice comes at a price, but our fees are always in proportion to the service we provide.

The right strategy is everything!

Why we are successful?

The right strategy also plays a decisive role in court. Successful legal representation requires skill in the use of means – both within the procedural rules and outside the trial – but also experience. Our lawyers have both.

Whether foreclosure proceedings or conflicts with employees: in our law firm you deal with legal experts, industry experts and experienced employees who master their craft to the last detail.

Our attorneys are authorised to represent our clients at all district, state and higher regional courts throughout Germany.

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